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Is Putin really using conservatism and playing the religious card in the war between Russia and Ukraine to intimidate the NATO?

Repercussions on the Russian war in Ukraine

Apart from the fact of Putin-bashers or Putin-lovers , we can clearly see how Russia’s antagonistic policy in various regions is marking more and more and especially after its Modus Vivendi on the world stage is shrinking and how he takes his own policy ( cfr. Syria ) and continuing doing so unaffected and without any kind of resistance . For three months now, the US kept warning that Russia would send its troops to the border of Ukraine to restore Russia’s supposedly historic territorial integrity , just as it was able to carry out the annexation of Crimea in 2014 against all treaties , and against international law , with impunity1 . The Pentagon spoke about more than 100 000 / 127 000 Russian soldiers spotted in the last few weeks via satellite images and clearly with a lot of military equipment – allegedly for military exercises – advancing towards the border of Ukraine

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