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Risks and ways in which the Metaverse could be misused by Terrorists and Extremists in the future?

Every day, our emerging technologies confront us with a series of new challenges and externalities, not only because of the opportunities, but also  of the risks and shortcomings inherent in the technology itself. It is often said that “nobody is perfect”, but the same can be said of our innovations and new technology. The working process of the Metaverse, as a digital landscape, web 3.0, is likely to offer users a single avatar or digital identity, providing them with free access to an integrated digital ecosystem in a decentralised manner. Even though the jihadist threat has seemingly diminished since 2017, the danger that in the future – as a virtual space – the internet and the Metaverse will be an environment in which terrorists and extremists can operate and spread, mobilise, plan and finance their radical propaganda still exists and which we have to take  in account.

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